Participant Safety

Participant Safety is Our Number One Concern

The 500 Festival strives to make the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon the safest event of its type. However, events do occur that are outside of the control of the 500 Festival. Examples of these types of events include weather emergencies (severe thunderstorms or tornadoes) and public emergencies (fires or automobile accidents).

If a weather emergency occurs, staff and volunteers along the course will immediately begin notifying the participants. This notification will consist of changing the flags at the mile markers, verbal notification at pit areas and mile markers, and through the use of the Emergency Management weather alerting sirens. If a severe weather emergency does occur, you should seek emergency shelter immediately along the course and stay in that area until the weather situation passes.

In the event of a public emergency along the race course, you should follow the directions provided by public safety officials and race staff and volunteers. In rare instances, it may be necessary to either close the racecourse or reroute the participants due to the emergency. If this occurs, it is being done for the safety of the participants.

The 500 Festival reserves the right to cancel, delay or change the race to a non-scored run in case of extreme weather or other conditions affecting the safety of the participants. A flag system will be used along the course (at mile markers) to alert you to weather conditions.

Please remember that safety is our primary concern. No refunds and the race will not be rescheduled if it is shortened or cancelled for any reason.

FLAG WARNING SYSTEM:  There will be a simple flag color system along the course to help warn participants of weather related or course related problems. Flags are located at each mile marker along the course. Please be aware of the following flags:


Everything is Normal.


The heat index is at a point that runners/walkers should slow down and drink plenty of water. Less than ideal weather conditions.


Dangerous weather. Runners and walkers should slow down and take plenty of water. Timing of the event has stopped and no awards will be given out.


Race has been cancelled due to extreme weather or course emergency. Events such as lightning, tornado, or human disaster has or is occurring and all participants need to seek shelter immediately.

Post Race Party Security

In order to maximize public safety during the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon and Finish Line 500 Festival 5K, the Post Race Party will be completely contained using fencing, allowing the public to enter and exit using designated checkpoints. This model will not only improve the safety of the event, but will increase ease of participation for event-goers by opening up previously contained areas in Military Park such as the Beer Garden.

For your safety and the safety of others, the following are prohibited inside the 500 Festival Post Race Party:

  • No coolers
  • No pets (other than service animals)
  • No bicycles, motorized or gear-driven vehicles, skateboards, roller skates or in-line skates
  • No weapons

In addition, the following enhanced security measures will be implemented to create the safest environment possible for the public, volunteers and participants of the Mini-Marathon and 5K:

  • Participants are asked not to bring or wear backpacks or duffle bags to the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. Please be aware that all bags and backpacks will be subject to search by security personnel.
  • Backpacks or duffle bags will not be accepted at the UPS Gear Check stations. Only the blue Finish Line/BlueMile goodie bag which will be distributed to participants at packet pickup will be accepted at the UPS Gear Check stations.
  • Do not leave bags, backpacks or items left unattended. Any bags or items left unattended will be removed by security personnel.

See Something Say Something

For Critical and timely information, please follow: @IFD_NEWS or @IMPD_NEWS or @DHSIndianapolis on Twitter or IFDNEWS or IMPD_NEWS on Instagram. 

If you see something suspicious, please text information to INDYCS (274627).