Past Intern Testimonials

"Get ready for the ride of your life! The 500 Festival offers an exciting internship experience that is second to none. I was treated as a member of the team and given responsibilities that allowed me to develop both personally and professionally. The wide range of experiences and staff mentoring provided by this internship make it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" -Stephanie C., 2012 Volunteer and Education Intern


“My favorite thing about the internship was helping with event days. I liked this the most because it was amazing to see all of the hard work that everyone had put into an event actually take place.”  - Kia A., 2011 Event Intern

 “I learned a lot about the Public Relations field in general and what it’s like to working in that environment through this internship. I developed my writing, organizational and communication skills. I learned more about how important time management and initiative are and how to improve in those areas. I was allowed to own several projects such as media tracking, several news releases, media credentialing, newsletters and Parade scripts. That ownership really meant a lot and was a fantastic experience. I also helped out at several events and was on hand for day-to-day media relations. Overall, it was a great educational experience and something I would recommend to anyone planning to enter the communications field." - Katie C., 2011 Public Relations Intern

“My 500 Festival internship experience was amazing. I have never felt so accomplished in an internship. I did work that was needed and useful. I think this internship has prepared me for jobs I will have in the future. This internship has helped me to become an even better communicator and time manager. Also, I have picked up new skills like managing a database. I accomplished a range of work, worked long hours and in the end—loved it!" - Rachel F., 2011 Volunteer and Education Program Intern

“Throughout my time at the 500 Festival, I have gained a professional understanding of working in non-profits. I was not seen as an intern but as part of a team and felt very accomplished at the end of each event. It has provided me with the knowledge that I need to be successful long after my internship is over and I do not believe I could have gained this understanding at any other internship.” - Maria K., 2011 Sponsorship Intern

“My 500 Festival internship experience has given me a greater sense of importance of teamwork and communication. While each individual has his or her own respective job function, the success of the 500 Festival’s events is a collaborative effort. It comes down to individuals working together and communication across departments. It requires personal self-sacrifice for the betterment of the organization. It’s like the organization’s employees say, 'One Team, One Dream.'” - Luke S., 2012 Event Intern