100th Running Host Committees

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Residential Engagement
Deliver programs that encourage families and friends to participate in festivities surrounding the Indy 500, celebrating personal traditions around our state’s signature event.

Bike to the 500

Racing Through the Decades

Porch Party Program

Business Connections & Engagement
Engage and activate local businesses and organizations to embrace city-wide celebrations.


Arts, Culture & Youth
Create cultural connections between the race and the city, promoting conversation and education around the 100th Running among communities and cultural organizations.


Hoosier Hospitality
Offer visitors from across the world the warmest welcome in 100 years, embracing visitors with our signature Hoosier Hospitality from arrival through departure.

Statewide Engagement
Reach all corners of the state to spread the word about our celebration.

University Engagement

Community Celebrations
Inspire a spirit of anticipation and pride around the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500.

Community Countdown
Festival on Main

500 Gives Back
Support civic programs that enrich the lives of Indianapolis residents by offering grants to organizations that integrate 100th Running themes and celebration into their existing activities.


Legacy Project
Drive a high impact initiative that will serve as a lasting marker of the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500.

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Décor Invasion
Promote pride and unity around this milestone celebration through coordinated decorative theme city- wide.

Provide a meaningful opportunity for civic engagement by mobilizing and empowering an army of Indy’s passionate, hospitable community volunteers.