Volunteer Testimonials

500 Festival volunteers

Volunteer Testimonials

See what our 2013 volunteers had to say about their experience:

Kids’ Day Volunteer:

"500 Festival staff does a great job of running this flurry of events in May!"

Mini-Marathon Volunteer:

"It was a fun and awesome experience. Runners made the volunteers feel greatly appreciated!"

"I really enjoyed all the upbeat and positive vibes from everyone from the 500 Festival staff to the participants running/walking, it was a totally awesome experience."

Community Day Volunteer:

"Your team at the 500 Festival office is stellar. I enjoy my volunteering because of them. Thank you for every opportunity I have had through your organization to volunteer – it has been a real pleasure!"

Education Program Volunteer:

"An excellent opportunity to share a significant part of Central Indiana history with our youngest fans."

Parade Volunteer:

"I’ve been walking as a volunteer with floats for 13 years, and enjoy it each year."

"I would love to be a balloon volunteer again. We LOVED it. We enjoy volunteering at a lot of places, and the 500 Festival is a really great opportunity. Thanks!"