500 Festival and Indianapolis 500 Education Program

presented by Indiana University Health

Study Trips & mobile trips 

Each year, participating schools have the opportunity to host a Mobile Trip, conducted at their school in March, or a Study Trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in April. During the visit, students will put classroom lessons into action at interactive, hands-on educational stations. Mobile Trips and Study Trips are available at no cost to participating schools. Due to demand, these trips are assigned through a lottery system. To register for the Study Trip and Mobile Trip lottery, the school must also be registered for the in-class Education Program by October 7, 2017.


The Study Trip – The Education Program’s Checkered Flag

Schools participating in the in-class program will have the opportunity to participate in a Study Trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Students, teachers and chaperones will be provided free admission to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Hall of Fame Museum where they will learn first-hand about one of Indiana’s greatest and most widely recognized traditions. Study Trips are available at no cost to participating schools and the 500 Festival will provide stipends to offset transportation costs.

During the visit, students will put classroom lessons into action at guided educational stations such as:

  • Science of an IndyCar
  • Need for Speed
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Driver Equipment
  • Medical Safety
  • Timing & Scoring / Race Control
  • Flags
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway History & Traditions
  • The Many Careers of IndyCar
  • Pagoda and Yard of Bricks Experience
  • Hall of Fame Museum Scavenger Hunt

NOTE: schools are not required to participate in the study trips to be enrolled in the program and receive the lesson plans. 


Mobile Trips

Mobile Study Trips bring the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to Indiana schools, providing schools that weren’t selected to attend a study trip with an interactive program. Led by 500 Festival staff and volunteers, mobile Study Trips feature many of the same lessons that are taught during Study Trips to the Speedway – including an actual IndyCar! The program is offered to schools free of charge and the 500 Festival provides all resources (including volunteers).


Study Trip Class Photos

The 500 Festival will take class photos on the day of your Study Trip. The photos will only be available online. To view your photos, you will receive an e-mail from the 500 Festival Education Program that will invite you to view your class photos on Snapfish.com. Once on Snapfish.com, you will be able to print, download or order your class photos. You can forward this e-mail on to other teachers and/or parents to share the experience. If you have any questions about this process, contact Lauren Coyle at (317) 269-0418. If you choose to share this e-mail, you are responsible for the use of the photos.

You will be ordering prints from a third party supplier. Please contact Snapfish for customer service.